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Sample of customized bottled water  - promote your company / brand

Our company was started in the year 2011. The technologies and process of filtration is in highest standard of water quality.

Our highest objectives is your health which guaranteed with our water purification process.

We observe strict compliance from DOH-accredited water laboratory to ensure we deliver a healthy and bacteria-free drinking water. 

Mineral water is different to purified water which the former has various type of minerals such as iron,magnesium,chlorine, sodium  chloride among others dissolve and unseen in the water which affects its the taste and smell.

Undre reverse osmosis purification, any particles upto .001 micron were eliminated/filtered to ensure purified water can be only be attained.

So don't compromise your health, ensure you drink safe and quality water you're drinking.

Attention offices we offer free use of water dispenser if you order at least 5-10 containers a week!

We are located at: 1157-A Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

Tel. No. 296-3267 / 413-9065



5gal container - P 40 refill

1liter - P 12.00 / bot

500ml - P 7.00 / bot

350ml - P 6.00 / bot

Customized bottled water for 500ml pet

1. no label bottled water - P 6.00/bot  with minimum order of 500

2. sticker label                   P 3.00/bot   with minimum order of 3500pcs (sticker only)


1157 Quezon Avenue
Quezon City


4139065 / 2963267


Mon-Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sun: Closed